Board of Directors / Leadership Team

Board of Directors / Leadership Team

Board of Directors

Front Row from left to right
Greer Black (Board Advisor), Marjorie Cheng, James Liu (Treasurer), Clara Tsang, Philip Chang (Vice Chair), Lyn Chow (Trustee)

Back Row from left to right
Chiu Chow, Paul Wong (Secretary), Vincent Leung (Trustee/Chair), Wesley Chow, Gentson Leung, John Jung (Trustee)

Leadership Team

From left to right
Kathy Tam (Chief Executive Officer), Jane Tse (Director of Care), Walter Yu (Director of Finance and Hospitality)

Wing Kei received 100% in the Certificate of Recognition audit, which focuses on the employer’s health and safety management system.  This includes emergency response, safety management, hazard assessment and control, facility inspection and identification, incident investigation and the administration of a safety program.