Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers help improve the quality of life for our residents through a variety of activities.

Volunteers are an essential part of the Wing Kei team. Through a variety of activities including helping with recreational activities, providing companionship and more volunteers help improve the quality of life for residents.

At Wing Kei, we pride ourselves on creating a meaningful and joyful work environment for every member of our team, including volunteers. We will work with you to determine what volunteer activities you are most interested in and to discuss the number of hours you are able to commit to volunteering at Wing Kei. We also commit to providing you with appropriate training to ensure you feel comfortable and confident.

From 2005 to now, over 1,000 volunteers have offered their precious time and talent to support Wing Kei.  Individuals, church groups and organization offer their assistance in special events and activities, donating both time and resources.  Our volunteers range from toddlers to seniors.

In 2017, 346 individual volunteers and 39 community groups (467 volunteers) contributed approximately 28,500 hours of service.  They help us realize our vision of preserving and improving seniors’ quality of life with Christian love.

Get Involved


Rehabilitation Care Helper

Provide individualized attention and sensory stimulation 1-2 times per week for residents who may not have many opportunities to socialize.  Training will be provided.

Recreation Care Helper

Help recreation team in different recreation programs such as crafts, exercise, card games, cooking class, gardening, chess etc. 


Help translate English articles into Chinese.  Medical terminology background knowledge is an asset.

Mealtime Assistant 

Encourage the residents to eat during meal time (8:15am / 11:45am / 4:45pm).  In some cases, try to help feed them.  Training will be provided.


Visit the residents 1-2 times per week.  Read books, chat with them, play games, read the news to them etc. Accompany residents to go out to the mall, park or restaurant regularly each month.  Training will be provided.

Special Events

Help out at special events such as the Wing Kei Walkathon or at various Cultural Festival Celebrations.


Conduct surveys with the residents.  Cantonese language skills required. 

Your Own Idea! 

Do you have a special talent or project you would like to share with our residents?  Do you love to sing, dance or perform martial arts?  Contact us and we will arrange for you to volunteer in your own unique way.

Submit Application

Group Volunteer Application Form

Individual Volunteer Application Form

Please submit an application form to volunteer@wingkei.org
For more information, please call (403) 277-7433 or email: volunteer@wingkei.org

"Wing Kei not only provides opportunities for seniors and staff but also help volunteers like me, to share their talent and perform in front of an audience."

Robert Scherle - Wing Kei Volunteer