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Family Corner

Our priority is to provide resident and family centred care as well as resources that enrich both families’ and residents’ lives.


BBQ Puree Lunch Event

Summer BBQs are loved by all!  This summer we got together, brainstormed and took a bold step in arranging a BBQ Puree lunch for residents who have difficulty with chewing or safely swallowing regular food.  Some of us asked “Can we even have BBQ ribs pureed?”

On this beautiful day of August 14, 14 residents and their families at Crescent Heights (Wing Kei Care Centre) enjoyed a BBQ in the garden.  How can you resist a menu of BBQ ribs and sausages, mashed potatoes, roasted vegetables, ice tea and a watermelon banana smoothie!

Thank you to our staff teams and volunteers for taking every opportunity in enriching the quality of life of seniors.  Thank you to our seniors for sharing your BIG SMILE with us!




We Celebrate YOU!  As a member in the Wing Kei family, your support, collaboration, and feedback is key to make your loved ones’ experience a joyful one.

We celebrate our staff, volunteers, and students.  As we speak, we continue to add new blood to our dedicated staff team. We have regular and seasonal volunteers participating in all services in the Wing Kei community. In addition, we have summer students in nursing and in other professions on board.

We celebrate and support our community in events, in generous givings, and in donations.  As Wing Kei grows to meet the challenges of aging population in Calgary, your continuous support is appreciated.  Please contact us at to discuss your involvement and support.



To offer the highest quality of care to our residents has always been a priority of Wing Kei’s care.  We are excited to share that effective Monday September 10, 2018, residents at Wing Kei Crescent Heights (Wing Kei Care Centre) will have TWO choices of entrees for their lunches and dinners. This improvement is made possible by the support from you, and our dedicated staff teams.  Next time you come to visit during meal times, we invite you to share the experience and give us your feedback.



The Family Advisory Councils and Resident Councils always have an important role in guiding and ensuring quality improvement in services.  The new “Resident and Family Councils Act” has also come into effect on April 1,2018.

We say thanks to those of you who joined our July facility inspections in both sites.  Also, some of you sit in the Occupational Health, Safety and Emergency Response (OSHER) Committee, and some others share your experiences in facility audits.  The Minutes of the Councils, Committees, and audit results are available on unit notice boards.



How do our residents and their families experience Wing Kei, the home they have chosen?  In a recent survey done by the Health Quality Council of Alberta (HQCA), Wing Kei Long Term Care makes to the top 10 amongst other 41 facilities in the Calgary zone.  We achieved the highest score on Global Overall Care Rating amongst facility peers with 101 beds or more, and in the categories of Staffing, Care of Belongings & Environment and Food Rating Scale.  Wing Kei also scores 99% on Propensity to Recommend.

THANK YOU for sharing your positive experiences with us.

Starting July 2018 we have partnered with HQCA on a pilot project to conduct surveys on a quarterly basis.  We thank you for completing the online survey.  If you have any question please leave your contact with the Front Desk.  Thanks



The Stampede underscores the summer in Calgary!  Wing Kei residents have enjoyed pancake breakfasts, carnival games, and the Parade watching.  Wing Kei understands the importance of socialization and recreation activities for seniors.  Activities including exercises, music, art, gardening and baking can be found in the Recreation Program calendar on each unit.  Families and friends are always welcomed to join our activities and outings.

Our Rehabilitation team always likes to start with prevention.  Strategies are shared to keep residents active to improve strength and balance, and reduce the risks of falls.  If you wish to have more information in promoting safe exercise with your loved ones, please email or visit for resources.



Too many pieces of furniture, appliances and boxes in the room not only create clutter and cleaning concern, they can become safety hazards to your loved ones!  This is especially true when they are on top of wardrobes or hidden under beds.  Please support regular cleaning and help with alternative storage of valuables/unnecessary items.  Also take note that Alberta Health Services regulations do not allow any corrugated boxes in resident rooms.  Thanks.

Smoke detectors are installed in appropriate areas (including resident rooms) to ensure safety for all.  Please do not attempt to install/uninstall or cover them. If you have any concerns, please let us know.  The maintenance team provides regular checks and repair whenever necessary.



We are happy to share that the construction is on schedule and on budget. The resident admission process is planned for October 2018.  Alberta Health Services has had two site visits already with no recommendation.  Their next visit will be scheduled shortly before the admission.

We thank residents and their families of Phase 1 for their support and patience throughout the Phase 2 construction.  During different times, gas tie-in, water tie-in and sprinkler tie-in were necessary to connect the two Phases. All staff members, residents & their families, and volunteers have been supporting each others through these experiences, and looking forward to the brand new Phase 2 building.  Thank You!


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To care for those who once cared for us is one of the highest honors.