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We want our loved ones to receive the highest quality of care. The information below serves as a stepping stone to gain a further look into the topic of care.

13 episodes of "Because of Love" aired via FM94.7 from July to September 2016

Episode 1 - 中國人入住護理院的觀念

Episode 2 - 入住護理院的資格

Episode 3 - 怎樣選擇護理院

Episode 4 - 護理院的服務 / 輔助護理與長期護理的區別

Episode 5 - 家人與護理院的合作

Episode 6 - 義工的幫忙與貢獻

Episode 7 - 護理院為甚麼要籌款

Episode 8 - 成人日間護理服務

Episode 9 - 腦退化長者的照顧

Episode 10 - 康樂活動的重要

Episode 11 - 安全第一

Episode 12 - 善終服務

Episode 13 - 溫暖的家



Alberta Health Services - Continuing Care 101

Alberta Health Services - Continuing Care / Seniors

Alzheimer's Association - Chinese

brainXchange - Resources Centre

Yee Hong - Video Learning


I will do whatever I can to benefit the seniors and to provide them with a safe environment. I want them to feel Wing Kei is their home. It is very rewarding to see them smile and to enjoy living in Wing Kei.

Walter Yu, Director of Finance and Hospitality