“Wing Kei Village” Embraced by Community and Unanimously Approved by City Council

September 9, 2019 is another day of celebration for Wing Kei, when Calgary City Council unanimously approved the land use Bylaw amendment of the “Wing Kei Village”, and members of Highland Park Community Association spoke highly in support of our project.  City Councillor Druh Farrell shared, “…I’ve had the opportunity to tour…and dine there…. The quality of your food and the outcomes that you define today are remarkable…. You deliver the service with love, so I want to thank you….”

“Wing Kei Village”, a three phase development for Wing Kei to expand its programs and services for seniors in Calgary, has received planning approval for a change in land use. It can now be used for continuing care and supportive living for seniors as well as for mixed use commercial and residential apartments.

Vincent Leung, our Chair of the Board of Directors, welcomed Council’s decision. “We are grateful for being given this green light. There are growing numbers of seniors and their families who will need the care services we provide. We will now be able to expand the charitable and non-profit services we provide to the Calgary community.”  

Wing Kei purchased the property from the Centre Street Church in 2017 (Three-acre site on Centre Street and 40 Ave. NE). Vincent expects it will take the next decade to redevelop the site. The first phase will provide continuing care, dementia day programs and community outreach services. However, this building will not proceed until the Alberta government makes sufficient funding available.

Vincent also expressed appreciation for the advice and feedback Wing Kei received from neighbouring residents in Highland Park and Greenview. “We are grateful for the way we have been welcomed to the area by neighbours and community association boards.” Vincent noted that Wing Kei will provide services from this site for many years to come. “We look forward to these positive relationships continuing well into the future.”

The next steps for Wing Kei will be to secure funding. Design work and a development permit application will then follow. Vincent stated, “It is our intention to continue to communicate and engage with community associations and neighbours. The support we receive from the community is very important to our continuing success.”