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Our priority is to provide resident and family centred care as well as resources that enrich both families’ and residents’ lives. 



“Wing Kei Village” Embraced by Community and Unanimously Approved by City Council : September 9, 2019 is another day of celebration for Wing Kei, when Calgary City Council unanimously approved the land use Bylaw amendment of the “Wing Kei Village”, and members of Highland Park Community Association spoke highly in support of our project. Being part of the Wing Kei family, we thank you for all the encouragement in our pursue of the dream of the “Wing Kei Village”.  Stay tuned as we continue to share information of the Village development, and our needs in fund development.

Report to Community : A sold out event on October 5 to celebrate the Wing Kei Community. With angelic voices from the Wing Kei Praise Team and Calgary Chinese Oratorio Society, colorful fan dances from our residents, and majestic orchestra music from Centre Street Church, it was an evening of joy and celebration.  Participants were also moved by the sharing from families, and feel very engaged with updates of Wing Kei Village while enjoying the evening at the future Village site.

Wing Kei Crescent Heights Accommodation Audit : An audit always ensures that residents are living in a safe and comfortable environment.  With 30 standards to comply with, the auditor looks at every details from "Building Code Requirements" to "Residents' Personal Affairs".  Family members and residents were also interviewed to share their experiences.  Thanks to the usual dedication and hard work of all the teams, Wing Kei again passed the audit with flying colours, and is only required to have another full audit in 3 years’ time.

Walkathon : Thank you for all of you have participated in the 2019 Walkathon, by walking, supporting by donation, spreading the words around….. Do you know that next year we will be celebrating the 20th Anniversary of our Walkathon? Well, how often can you celebrate a 20th anniversary in 2020?  How about a Walkathon on June 20, 2020 !!! Now you are booked! More details will be coming very soon.



Families and residents have been actively involved in family conferences, Family Meetings, Family Advisory Councils, Resident Councils, the Accreditation and Audit processes, quality improvement surveys, different committees and inspections.  Watch out for notices, and feel free to discuss with staff about engagement opportunities.  Of course, do not forget to check out our website and “Family Corner” on a regular basis.



Safety for all is always our priority.  Emergency response procedures, protocol and drills are reviewed and practised by all staff on a regular basis.  We invite you to familiarize yourselves with all the emergency codes which are displayed on all Family Information boards on units.  During emergency situations and drills, we suggest you to stay with and help calm your loved ones, and follow instructions from the response commander.

Entrance to facilities with our approved access cards has always been an important measure of supporting safety and security to the buildings, especially during statutory holidays.  All families will be issued 2 access cards (with deposit) upon resident admission.  If you need more access cards, please arrange with reception desks.  We thank you for responding to our pledge lately for applying and using the assess cards during hours with no receptionists.  Please also understand that for safety reason, we will not support facility access of any stranger.  Please arrange appropriate access for your visitors or other agents e.g. food delivery.



Flu Season : It is around us and we are working with the health authority to provide flu shots to all residents and staff.  We highly encourage all of you to have flu shots, and take appropriate measures to ensure a healthy and safe environment for residents.  Please avoid visiting the facilities temporarily in the event that you feel sick yourself.

New System for Lost & Found Laundry Articles : We hear you, you like to have easier access to the lost & found items!  We have introduced a system and please check with nursing staff to arrange access to the lost & found articles on your unit.

Sharp Objects : Please help us to remove any sharp objects (knives, scissors, needles etc) from your loved ones, as they can be hazardous to residents and staff safety.  Thanks!



As the leaves change color outside, our hearts are warmed with memories of a wonderful summer and thoughts of gratitude during the autumn season.  From Canada Day events, to Stampede and Mid-Autumn Festival celebrations, we were encouraged with active participation and smiles from our seniors. 

We are always trying to be creative, and be inclusive.  A “Trip around the World” brought seniors to a “virtual India” to taste samosas, learned Indian dancing, and appreciate beautiful, vibrantly colored Indian Sari dresses.  Shall we book our next trip to Japan?

Together with Food Services Team, we also organized a pureed BBQ for residents who are on pureed diet.  Families were pleasantly surprised by the enthusiasm of their loved ones in enjoying the lunch, and families themselves have enjoyed a tasty and bone licking good BBQ!

Wing Kei understands the importance of socialization and recreation activities for seniors.  Activities including exercises, music, art, gardening and baking can be found in the Recreation Program calendar on each unit.  Families and friends are always welcomed to join our activities and outings.

Our Rehabilitation team always likes to start with prevention.  Strategies are shared to keep residents active to improve strength and balance, and reduce the risks of falls.  If you wish to have more information in promoting safe exercise with your loved ones, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit for resources.



To ensure safety and comfort for our seniors, please note that all furniture/electrical appliances need to be pre-approved by our Care Team and Maintenance Team. Upon approval, the moving/cleaning/maintenance/disposal of these items will be responsibilities of families/residents. Thanks.

Too many pieces of furniture, appliances and boxes in the room not only create clutter and cleaning concern, they can become safety hazards to your loved ones!  This is especially true when they are on top of wardrobes or hidden under beds.  Please support regular cleaning and help with alternative storage of valuables/unnecessary items.  Also take note that Alberta Health Services regulations do not allow any corrugated boxes in resident rooms. 


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