Adult Day Program

Adult Day Program

Helping seniors stay active, sociable and healthy

In September 2012, Wing Kei introduced the Adult Day Program (ADP), an initiative geared towards creating opportunities for socialization, recreational activities and health monitoring for seniors who live at home.  Each client has an individualized care plan, created together by the client/family members and our Care department, to meet his/her care needs.  Despite the short duration of time since the launch of the program, we have witnessed an immense improvement in our clients’ mental, physical and social abilities.


The Adult Day Program comprises of two programs:

Program No. of Spaces Per Day Schedule Major Focus
The Wellness Program 20 Monday and Thursday
9:00am - 3:00pm

• Help clients remain physically active and cognitively engaged within their community.
• Clients enjoy a variety of recreational, art and cooking activities.

The Dementia Program 12 Wednesday and Friday
9:00am - 3:00pm

• Focus on clients with various degrees of dementia, including cognitive impairments and difficulties with communication.
• Provide clients with familiar activities that stimulate memory and hand-eye coordination.

Activities include:

· Sit and stretch exercise
· Craft making
· Chinese calligraphy
· Painting
· Knitting
· Interactive games
· Board games
· Singing
· Performances by external organizations
· Seasonal celebration, e.g. Chinese New Year, Stampede, Christmas, etc. 


Seniors who are interested in this program may seek referral from Alberta Health Services Home Care office at 8-11.  Home Care clients may consult their Case Manager.


"My mother has nothing but praise about the exercise classes, various activities like making crafts, guest speakers, food etc, but most of all the love and excellence in care extended to her as well as for the other clients.  My family and I would like to thank the staff of Adult Day Program for making a difference in her life.  She is thriving and happy!"

Evelyn Tse - Family Member of Adult Day Program Client